Converting page to image creates border around element

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When saving the attached document (see attached file “original.docx”) as BMP-file, the image has a border around one document element (see attached file “result.bmp”).
The original document shows no border, how can I prevent the image conversion from creating it?

Note: When I open the original document in MS Word and save it again without changes, the DocumentSettings.CompatibilityMode property value of the loaded DocumentModel is changed from 14 to 12 (probably because the mode changed due to the saving process in MS Word) and the image shows no border (see attached file “expected.bmp”). Is the behaviour caused by compatibility mode problems?

Hi Sarah,

The problem occurs because of the embedded objects that specify stroke.
I’m afraid that currently, we’re unable to resolve this, GemBox.Document doesn’t have API support for embedded objects and unfortunately, they behave differently than drawing objects in this case.

We do intend to add support for embedded objects in the future, but at this moment I cannot say exactly when that will be.
Please note that we prioritize feature request implementations by the number of users requesting them and currently we’re working on some other features that have greater priority.


Hi Mario,

thank you for the answer.
I submitted a feature request for this topic to stay updated.

Best regards,