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Convert XLSX file to PDF


I used FREE-LIMITED-KEY for GemBox.Spreasheet for Java.

When I try to convert from XLS to PDF I receive an exception:
“Path extension ‘pdf’ is not supported. Use Save method that accepts SaveOptions parameter to explicitly specify the destination file format.”

But SaveOptions doesn’t have an option for PDF.
Does your library support converting from XLS (XLSX) to PDF? If it doesn’t, do you plan to make this function?

Hi Dmitry,

Unfortunately, GemBox.Spreadsheet for Java doesn’t support saving to PDF.
I’m afraid that the rendering engine from GemBox.Spreadsheet for .NET was not ported into a Java version.

However, we do hope to provide it in the future, but at the moment I cannot say when that will be.
This feature is not in our current road-map so it won’t be available this year, for later I cannot say at this moment.